How to remove the annoying blue links for numbers automatically created on Edge

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A couple weeks ago, I was doing some testing of a client's site using the Microsoft Edge browser. My go to browser is Chrome, but for some reason I needed to be on Edge. All of the sudden, I noticed that a phone number on the top of the page had turned an ugly blue that did not fit the design of the site as well.

What the blue phone number looks like on Edge.

At first, I thought that somehow the CSS had been edited, and frantically went into the code to make sure everything was fine. When I found out that everything was as it should have been, I looked on some other browsers to see if the problem persisted.

It didn't. I found out that the blue links only appeared when I was visiting the site from Microsoft Edge. Then I went to a couple other sites I manage and found out that the links were showing blue on those as well.

That was when I realized that the problem must be an issue with Edge, and not my code, so I started searching for a solution.

Google search for removing blue phone links.

Quickly I found a Stack overflow question answered with the code I needed.

The answer on Stack overflow.

So how do you remove the blue phone link?

To quickly remove the link from your website, simply add this code to the header of all of your web pages: <meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no">

That is it! Microsoft explains in their docs how to remove this style as well, but maybe this will help you get your answer faster.

March 4, 2019

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